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mariannadarleneFebruary 5, 2021

I can’t believe we’re moving to our dream home in less than 3 weeks! Jay and I are going to be living in a 14-acre property with beautiful big giant Canadian trees! I’m just really excited for that pool. Growing up this has been a lifetime goal to live in a house with a pool. Since I’m currently busy with film school and studying has been moved online, I decided to create my must-have items for the house ahead of time so I don’t panic before the move + with the lockdown still in strict motion in Ontario, we have to do our shopping online.

The most important part for me for this move is the space! I hate clutter so I’m going for that minimal and modern look but still with a feeling of living in the woods so most of our tables would be live wood with dark brown stains. This goes with our dining table, coffee table and office desks. My colour palette for the new place is white, black and grey with a touch of earth colours. As for the furniture, I’m currently in love with Mid Century pieces. Clarity and cleanliness are so important for Jay and me as we’re mostly gonna be home for the whole year. We made a vow of no travelling this year so we can focus on our personal goals for ourselves, plus no one is really allowed to leave Canada at the moment. We are also building a home from scratch so that would be our main goal and project while we wait for the world to heal. Choco too would be so happy to run around.

I am also going to have my studio in our home so that’s something I look forward to working in. I still need a really good home projector for the home theatre room, so if anyone knows a good brand please let your girl know! (PS: not the 6k plus worth of home projectors please).

Below is my shopping list for the house:

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